Why Your Business Needs Google My Business


Google My Business has become a must have and needs regular attention. Google My Business listing is 70% more likely to attract location visits and makes a business 2.7x more likely to be considered reputable.


More individuals than ever are utilizing the Google My Business function to source details about a company that they are keen to do business with. Rather than head to a website in an organic sense, millennials in particular, are choosing to use GMB to find basic information like opening hours, directions to a retail space or to read reviews. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your GMB listing is up to date, all information fields are completed and that you utilize SEO to maximize the impact of your GMB listing.



While over half of all consumers trust business websites rather than GMB listings for honest information, this doesn’t mean that GMB listings aren’t used. Being part of Google, the monolith that has such a massive foothold on the online market, it is easy to obtain information rather than trying to locate anything specific on a business website. And only 8 per cent of consumers head to a business website before deciding which company to use, restaurant to book or hotel room to reserve.



While word of mouth recommendations may still be the creme de la creme method to source customers, you need to think about how you can translate this into a bank of positive feedback on GMB. Enhance your local SEO and utilize the Google Maps listings. Adwords campaigns can help to harness the keywords that your potential website traffic uses. Rather than directing traffic to your website, you could find more individuals hitting your GMB listing.


Reviews are paramount in increasing your customer base. A negative review or two will allow your rivals to steal your business. You need to compete by showing off your prowess as a company with integrity. GMB can help you do this. If an individual likes what they see, they may get in touch and be eager to do business with you.

Gain Instant Trust

If your listing appears in a Google search, consumers see that you have been endorsed by Google. If Google trusts you enough to display you in its results, they know they can trust you too.


Lead Generation

All the talk of recent years has been of social media presence, a strong business blog and an aesthetically pleasing website. But if less than 10 per cent of individuals are heading to your website before they use your services, they must be finding out about your venture from somewhere else. The chances are that this is via your GMB listing.

To enhance your lead generation, you need to put the time into keeping your listing up to date and relevant. While it may seem like a misnomer in the millennial age, most customers are happier giving you a call rather than emailing to make the initial first contact. This may be because people place more relevance on the local and more personal touch than ever before. People are beginning to shun big business in favor of more sustainable and ethical companies.

Google My Business listings are an integral part of your search engine optimization strategy. You need to be present and relevant. By casting your net far and wide, you can then maximize your online presence by paying more attention to other online tools rather than just your website or your social media feeds.


Mike McAllister - Owner Inventiv Designs

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